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Design Procedure

  • The first step is the initial consultation to discuss the proposed work; the client will highlight their main objectives & aspirations for their project. This may be carried out in a number of ways including on site, by phone or by email. The Design Consultant will discuss these objectives and will offer their professional advice as to the best course of action whilst complying with current planning laws.
  • Once Kudos Plan & Design Ltd have been appointed to carry out the work, an accurate survey of the property will need to take place. The survey will involve taking accurate measurements of the property both externally and internally. Photographs will also be taken as part of the surveying process. The length of the survey varies depending on the size of the plot/property but this normally can take a few hours.
  • Once the survey has been completed, the information is used to prepare the drawings (CAD). The drawings will include the following:

          Existing floor plans

          Existing elevations


          Proposed draft scheme for discussion with client

  • Once completed a secondary consultation is set up to discuss the proposals & give the client opportunity to make amendments to the proposals. The design can then be finalised making it ready for a final check and for submission to the Local Authority.
  • Kudos Plan & Design acts as your agent regarding any matters associated with the Planning & Building Control, ensuring wherever possible that all Approvals are gained.
  • Once all approvals are gained from Local Authority a Final Set of plans are prepared and handed over to client for tender.